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Your Discord tag (Eg. kolt#0382)


How old are you?


How long have you been on the server?


What is your roleplay experience as well do you have any experience as Law Enforcement? (Go into detail) (35 Word Minimum)

On xbox when i first started rp I was in a server that was legit with scenes and nice so when I was a cop I would get promoted due to doing well in everything such as shootouts, pullovers, and 10-80s. I did gun training for trooper 1, then car chase was trooper 2, and  when i was a sargent i went to do tactical team and did break ins and hostage situations.,

Define role play in your own words (25 word minimum)

the acting out of a characters particular story, to tell of events within their life, in accordance with the expectations of reality, within realistic settings of life, like driving a vehicle, and creating a story from each event that is portrayed in that characters story as if it is their life.

Out of all the other Departments, why do you want to join SAHP? (40 word minimum)

The main reason why I want to join the SAHP is because I want to be helpful and I heard you earn your ranks the same way as the xbox group I was in and hope I could join and be helpful to the community and be an amazing law enforcement officer.

What does the SAHP do? (Go into detail) (40 word minimum)

The responsibility of the SAHP is to monitor and enforce safety highways. This can involve checking the speed of vehicles, responding to accidents and emergencies, helping local law enforcement, and answering 911 calls. SAHP patrolmen spend much of their time enforcing laws on public highways, assisting motorists in need of help, and working with other emergency officials to help manage and eventually clear accident scenes. SAHP also assist local police forces in apprehending criminals or assisting in emergency situations. The duties of the SAHP go beyond just handling accidents and assisting local law enforcement. 

Why should we hire you over other applicants? (50 word minimum)

That I will be active as much as possible and be mature with all my stuff and not break rp and before I were to break I would control myself and do it as realistic as possible and not get mad while doing it. If i were to break it would not take me long to relax, once again maybe the same time for peacetime to end maybe earlier. If i were to be chosen i would be as mature as possible maybe even more mature than usual.

Can you take things in a serious and strict environment?

Yes I can take things serious in a strict environment 

Are you able to act professional at all times and not break character?

Yes I can act professional and i try not to break character.

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Hello! Your application has been Denied due to plagiarism/copying someones application and your seriousness (grammar, capitalization, spelling)  You may reapply again in 4 weeks! 


San Andreas Highway Patrol - Major 

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