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Your Discord tag XeroFN.#0001

Your age: 14

How long have you been on NLRP? I do not know

Any previous experience in the LEO/Security? and if so where?
(eg. roleplay, IRL, etc.) Yes in my own sever

What is the main goal of Panther Security Services?
(25 word minimum) T
o know how to protect yourself and your problems from these criminals. The purpose of security is to to give you anyone an  understanding of  basics of security and its problems in a situation.

How active will you be? Everyday

Why do you want to join us?
(35 word minimum) I want to join because i just wanna have fun in sever like this one and some i cant have this much fun i want to keep it in one sever.

Do you have a working microphone? Yes

What is your time zone? ET

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Denied, lack of effort, failure to meet minimum application requirements, inadequate application answers.


Chief of Security, Robin Bowie

Panther Security Services

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