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Your in-game name:

Damion Switzerland

Your Steam profile link:

7D-67 | Michael J.

Your ban date:


Person you were banned by:

|GL| Cheif
Ban reason:

Shooting on pcd 

Who was involved?
Nobody I didn’t shoot words anyone or at anyone

What happened

So I was selling stolen cars in an arena where there were gang members. So this one dude came up to me and tried to buy a stolen bike. He didn’t have the money so he tried to steal it he got away but I shot the tire out. Then the gang members attacked me so I killed them. So then I was gonna bring out more cars so what I did is I took my at and I made sure it had a suppressor on it so it wasn’t loud and nobody heard it and what I did is I shot these like wooden things out so I can place a car or two there. And that’s where I got banned for 3 days. I think I should have been warned to stop or have been kicked before banned.

Was your ban legitimate?

Yes and No

If your ban was legitimate, why should your appeal be considered and how will you improve yourself if your ban legitimate.

It could have been in some ways I mean yes I did shoot on pcd but it shouldn’t have been a ban straight away I was minding my own business not even harming anyone. And I wish I was talked to or kicked before I was banned. This is the only server I ever played and still do and I just don’t want to be banned without being talked to because I have seen people kicked for killing like 10 people at once but they weren’t banned and I got banned for 3 days for shooting not twords or at someone. I was being peaceful and minding my own business. But now that I have taken a day i have learned not to shoot when I’m not supposed to and I’m gonna wait for pcd to get off before I do anything of that sort.

Insert additional comments or evidence here if necessary


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Hello Micheal J. You appeal is being denied due to it not being false. You did shoot on PCD and said reasons were for moving objects and from a gang shooting you(The gang only shoots after you shoot). You even admitted to it and the ban has expired.

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