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Alex's FAA application

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Your Discord tag (eg. kolt#0382): Alex.#7055

Why do you want to join the FAA? I'd like to join the FAA so I could have the maximum experience of life, I'd be a great opportunity to learn how to fly and learn how to live life in a different way. I love the feeling of the wind blowing toward you and the feeling of soaring through the air like a bird. 
(25 word minimum)

What flight experience do you possess? I've played GTA 5 since 2015 and all of that time I've been flying. I would always break into the military base to steal the jet just to be able to fly. 

Do you have a controller? Yes, but I usually use mouse and keyboard since im used to flying with it. 

You do understand that FAA is a whitelisted position in the server? Yes or no, Yes.


 LSPD.png            6L-353 | Alex          LSPD.png

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