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Griffin Moore

Griffin Moore Developer Application

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Your Discord tag: Griffin Moore #3101

Your Steam profile linkhttps://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198318600344/

What skills do you possess as related to FiveM development?  I am pretty much the jack of all trades when it comes to FiveM development, I have coding experience, Zmod experience, and just overall creating, combining, and fixing resources. If you need more clarification on what I can do I would be more than happy to show and/or explain further.

Why do you wish to become an assistant developer? In my honest opinion, I feel nameless needs a little more help on the development side of things. And with me no longer doing my other ventures it seems like an opportune time to do so. Many of my friends here at nameless have also encouraged it so that helps a little bit you could say. But the main reason behind my interest to become an Assistant Developer is to truly just help the server prosper and do better than in its current state. I feel like with the skills I have obtained in almost 2 years of Fivem I can help a good bit.

List any type of published work that pertains to FiveM development? I have no published work currently, everything I have done is private at this time.


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