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LSPD Application - Robin Bowie

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Discord Name (Ex: Khan#0252)
Robin Bowie #1542

In-Game Name
^5 Robin Bowie


How long have you been on NLRP?
2 years, 10 months.

Do you have Law Enforcement Experience on this or another server? If so, specify. 

Only a little bit, served in the capacity of a Lieutenant in SAHP, Corporal and 3rd in Charge of SWAT in BCSO, and also Chief of Police in PBPD. I also own a security company.

What do you think LSPD Does?

I presume they serve as the main form and capacity of law enforcement within the city of Los Santos. They also offer further services of patrol and enforcement in areas such as marine and harbor enforcement.

Why do you want to join LSPD?

I'd like to join LSPD because it originally started as PBPD, my home. I'd also like to join LSPD as I feel it's the best fit of a department for me.

What qualities do you possess that distinguish you from other applicants?

I know a lot about law enforcement, having served 3 years at a police department. I also made PBPD's SOP.

How active can you be online as Law Enforcement?

32 hours a day.

Why did you choose LSPD over other departments?

(i feel this aligns with why do you want to join LSPD) I went for LSPD over all other departments because working in the capacity of a Police Department is where I feel most familiar. I've also spent a decent amount of time in PBPD and miss the days when I used to serve there.

Do you understand that if the AOP [Area of Patrol] is not State Wide/Los Santos, you will become Paleto Bay Police Department until the AOP changes back to Statewide/Los Santos?

I prefer Paleto Bay anyways.

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Congratulations Robin, your application has been ACCEPTED!
Welcome to the Boys in Blue!

Chief of Police

LSPD - Chief of Police


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