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Ghost application

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2 Weeks in the NLRP Community
13 Years of age or older
Not in another gang

Discord Tag (e.g JOKER#7156)

Michael J.#1911

(In-Game and Name within the NLRP Discord)

Damion Switzerland and 7D-67 Michael J. in discord

(Minimum 13 years of age)


How Long have you been in NLRP
(Minimum 2 weeks in the community)

about a month

Why do you want to join Ghosts
(Minimum of 25 words)

I want to join ghosts because I have heard so incredible things about what they do. I also want to join ghosts because I heard they were cop killers and I would like to get some cops off my back with a little help. Cops are not on my good side because they killed my brother when we were coming into the city because he had a gun on him so I got away and need some assistance. 

What do you have that other applicants do not?
(Minimum of 25 words)

I have a lot of things other applicants do not have. 1: I have been working on my criminal record for a long time and I think it is pretty decent for not being in this gang. 2: I have access to many cars and many people that could get us out of a sticky situation. 3: I have a lot of fire power that can handle some people or other gangs.

Do you understand that gang RP won’t be constantly violent?


How active will you be while in GHOST

as active as you need me to be

Are you in another whitelisted gang?


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Application Accepted.

You will be promptly invited to the GHOST discord, where you will be expected to take a quiz on the SOP.

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