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Freddy's Comms/Dispatch Application

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Your Discord (eg. Teck#0321): Freddyfazbear Plaz#7995

How old are you?: 16
(Must be 13+)

Why do you want to be in Communications?: I would like to be in the Communications department because I can see there is a lack of active dispatchers. I would like to join as I would be active within the department and help make roleplay more realistic and fun for LEO and SAFD
(30 word minimum)

What does Dispatch do?: Dispatch is the first place a 911 call would go to. It is the dispatchers job to dispatch units to that call and make sure that the civillian requiring help gets the help they need. 
(Go in detail)

Will you be active in Dispatch?: I can do at least 1 hour each day
(at least 3 hour per month)

Do you understand asking about an application will result in immediate denial?: Yes

Do you have any problems following the Chain of Command?: No

Do you understand changing your Discord name may result in us not finding you therefore not being able to accept you?: Yes

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Congratulations, your application has been accepted and you will be invited to the discord shortly!

Communications specialist 

LSPD - Chief of Police


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