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Application Template
Discord Name (Ex: Teck#00321)

Brody Austin#5068

In-Game Name:


Character Name (Must be in CAD):

Jethro Gibbs



Why do you want to become a Parking Enforcement Officer? (2 sentence minimum)

Well because since if no one else has apply for this role I decided to apply for a good reason. I wanna give all the players that park there cars in no parking zones school bus zones and loading zones. So please let me atleast give this a try please.

What qualities/experience do you possess that distinguish you from other applicants?
(2 sentence minimum)

well i know how to do the job right the first time. And i know that i'm probably smarter then some people who knows. And sometimes i can be a show off even when i don't know what to do.

How active can you be online as a civilian employee?

7 Days a weeks as many hours as i can be active online.

Do you understand that you are applying for a civilian position and as such does not grant you any law enforcement/police authority


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Author of the topic Posted

Hey Khan i don't know if you have reviewed my app here but i would like to know why its taking so long just to reply back to me if i've been denied or approved for this job/role

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You Application for LSPD Parking Enforcement has been denied due to asking about it in dm's. Feel free to apply in 5 days.


Operations Deputy Division Commander Tentiaci

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