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  1. Your Discord tag (eg. M.E.S ItzGeneral#4061) OxiClean#6176 Your in-game name: Brandon J. Rank in your current department: Corporal Why do you want to join Air One Support Unit? I want to join Air One Support Unit Because I noticed Everytime I am on duty there is always a 10-80 or a 10-70 that somehow gets away or something and there is never or rarely an officer who is able to activate Air One for support. (25 word minimum) What does Air Support Unit do? Air Support Units do a lot they can help out in pursuits if the ground units cant keep up, they can also watch the suspect from the sky if the suspect is too violent and ground units have to back up. They also can regularly patrol and call to ground units over RTO if someone is running red lights, speeding, etc. (25 word minimum) Define safety precautions in aviation I don't Know a lot but I do know you cant fly too low, you got to be careful in certain weather, you have to have flares, and full tank of gas. These were some of the ones I know off the top of my head (30 word minimum) Would you rather provide aviation support to ground officers, search & rescue, or both? Both
  2. Your Discord tag: (OxiClean#6176) Your name: (Brandon B.) Your age: (18) Are you currently apart of any other whitelisted departments of any server? Negative You do understand that if you are caught dual clanning at any time you will be removed? Yes How long have you played on NameLess Roleplay?: (It will be 3 weeks in about 4 days) Do you have a working microphone? Affirm Your Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199038010449/ Have you been in any other RP servers? If so which ones? (As a Civilian Only I was In TrueRP and California Department of Justice but i left) How did you find about the server? I was playing with someone on another game and we was talking about Gta RP and he recommended Nameless RP Country/Region/State (USA/NA-E) Tell us about yourself (Im a very nonchalant person. I like to get things done efficiently and on time while making sure it is as perfect as possible. Im 18 and attending college right now for criminal justice after that im going to the police academy, work on the force, and eventually become a detective. Being a Cop has been my dream job since i was younger and i feel RP is going to help my mindset even more.) Describe yourself in three different word:Understanding, Efficient, Fast learner Why do you want to join the BCSO? (I would like to join BCSO because in my opinion it is the best branch of law enforcement in the server i can patrol and help the people of blaine county and if needed I can go into the city to help.) What does the BCSO do? (BCSO helps civilians in need while also enforcing the law. The help set a good role model for those who are maybe interested in law or something else in that nature. They also protect the people of blaine county while protecting themselves too.) Do you have any real-world police experience? Also please include military experience. No But as I said I am in college right now for criminal justice. Do you understand when submitting a application for BCSO (NLRP) that if you mention or talk about it, it can result in an immediate denial? Affirm I have been warned by others and will not mention anything until denied or accepted.
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