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  1. And anyways if i send another one in 2 weeks your denied again!!!!
  2. and your lying on one part i never Pinged or mention the suggests i put them in the suggests box where anybody can send them
  3. Ramma Listen i didn't mean for any of this to happen please just give me another chance this is my first time being banned from NLRP i would love to have a 2nd Chance please
  4. To all Staff/Owner of NLRP Commuity i'm really sorry for all of the bad choices i have done to the server i just really like to come back to the server and play with my friends i swear if you guys let me back i promise i won't do anything wrong ever again
  5. Your in-game name: (The username who had been playing under at the time you were banned) MadDawg.Jr Your Steam profile link: (This is used to identify your Steam ID which you were banned under. If you haven't played under a Steam account, you may skip this) MadDawg.Jr with a Red dog paw i don't know how to get a link for it Your ban date: (Provide the date of when you were banned. If you don't remember, you may provide a rough guess) 06-12-2020 Person you were banned by: (Provide their in-game name. This will appear in the ban message ("banned by") when you try to connect) MedicWalf Ban reason: (In the ban message, the reason will appear after 'Ban reason:') Because of a False Staff Report Who was involved? Just me What happened (Provide your account of the situation) Well i sent the staff report in for a reason because every car that i suggest i get denied for it even tho all i'm doing is suggest its up to the Dev/Mangment Team to decied i know you guys may say that was false and you could be right because it sounds silly really i understand and if i do come back i know i may get a Commuity Strike for my bad choice of things i did Was your ban legitimate? (Either yes or no) Yes If your ban was legitimate, why should your appeal be considered and how will you improve yourself if your ban gets lifted? (Complete this if you acknowledged you deserved the ban. 100 word minimum) Well i'll not send anything false again and i'll understand if none of the staff and or owner wants me to be in a department i'll understand that i might be blacklisted but really i'll improve on my actions and never do anything like that again just please let me back into the NLRP Commuity You guys were like family to me and i know i may be annoying sometimes but i can't control it i don't know how to anyways please let me back in. Insert additional comments or evidence here if necessary
  6. Yes hello i have applyed for this almost 2 weeks ago and i don't know if anyone has reviewed this or not i just don't wanna be denied for this app i would love to become a dev
  7. Your Discord tag (eg. Robin Bowie#1542) (Stringer)[SASR-50] Brody Austin#5068 Your age: 17 How long have you been on NLRP? 2 Months Any previous experience in the LEO/Security? and if so where? (eg. roleplay, IRL, etc.) I haven't had any experience at all. What is the main goal of Panther Security Services? (25 word minimum) The main goal is to protect the community and protect our friends and family and our clients and making sure they are safe at all times. We also want to make sure that we will work hard too. How active will you be? about everyday at least 1-9 hours a day Why do you want to join us? (35 word minimum) I want to join Panther security to keep my fellow friends an clients safe and protected and to help make our community safer. I want to join to make sure our team is active and will always be there to help. And i want to work really hard to make sure they are safe i will not leave until i know that they are safe. Do you have a working microphone? Yes What is your time zone? Eastern Standard Time
  8. Your Discord tag: (eg. M.E.S ItzGeneral#4061) Your name: (First L.) Brody Austin Your age: (Must be 14 or older) 17 Are you currently apart of any other whitelisted departments of any server? Nope You do understand that if you are caught dual clanning at any time you will be removed? Yes How long have you played on NameLess Roleplay?: (Minimum of 2 weeks) almost 2 months Do you have a working microphone? Yes Your Steam profile link: MadDawg.Jr with a Red dog paw Have you been in any other RP servers? If so which ones? (Please list your the server, RANK and how long you were there) i have been in Kuffs Gaming Crew and Freestyle Network but i haven't been a cop in those How did you find about the server? Well i was looking around in FiveM for a good enough server so i decided oh this one seems good i'll join this server so i found this and decided oh i'll just stay and make this home to me Country/Region/State (LIKE THIS: USA/NA-W) Canada Tell us about yourself (Your response needs to have a minimum of 45 words) Well i'm a very responsible kid and i know what to say and what not to say and i'm very smart so yeah and i'm a computer Geek and a gaming at the same time Describe yourself in three different word: Smart, Trusted, And I'm guessing a Nerd lol Why do you want to join the BCSO? (Your response needs to have a minimum of 45 words) I want to join the BSCO because i feel like it would be a good fit for me in this community. the reason being is because i could bring a strong heart to the force as well as a poweful mindset. The reason why i say strong mindset is because maybe someone is having a bad day IRL and i could try and make there day better in any way possible. What does the BCSO do? (Your response needs minimum of two sentences 20 words each and as detailed as possible) BSCO is a law enforcement group who keep sandy shore on track and safe from mayhem going on in the streets. The help save innocent civilians from everyday ruckus and keep civilian players from causing a negative experience for other players. BSCO is tries to keep roleplay as similar to real life to create the best community. Do you have any real-world police experience? Also please include military experience. No Sorry Do you understand when submitting a application for BCSO (NLRP) that if you mention or talk about it, it can result in an immediate denial? Yes
  9. Hey Khan i don't know if you have reviewed my app here but i would like to know why its taking so long just to reply back to me if i've been denied or approved for this job/role
  10. i have waited like at least 11 days and still no reply whats going on here
  11. In Game Name / Discord Tag: Brody Austin#5068 Property Location Postal: 4013 Property Listing Code: H-42 Type of Property: 1 Story House Description of Property [ie: Michael House] House Name of In Game Character That Will Be Using the Property: MadDawg.Jr or A.k.a Jethro Gibbs Reason for use of property.(If marked as a specialty property, it will require further explanation on how it will be used) Well i wanna have a House of my own to use and live in with if so Invite my Friends over for and Chill Hangout and possible a Party too. But mostly i would use it to relax sit back and be safe in my own Home without have people come by and doing random things. And i hope this house will have a Pool and a 2 Car Garage.
  12. Your Discord tag: Brody Austin#5068 Your Steam profile link: MadDog.Jr What skills do you possess as related to FiveM development? Well I know how to use mods in FiveM and I know how to put mods in and how to make a server in FiveM. sorry if thats not good for what is being asked i'm not good at questions that i might not be able to anwser so if its denied or if its approved i don't care. i try my best anyways. Why do you wish to become an assistant developer? must be genuine, four-sentence minimum Well i wanna be able to help out the community with the updates. And the stuff you guys add into the server becoming a Assistant Developer would be amazing for me i would need a lot of training and i am trainable. Because it seems like in this community it seems like you guys are short on Assistant Developers. And i understand everything you guys do and say and i'm responsible to my actions that i do or say to the community. List any type of published work that pertains to FiveM development? if applicable Updates, Adding Features, That's all i mostly know.
  13. Your Discord (eg. Teck#0321): Brody Austin#5068 How old are you? (Must be 13+) 17 Why do you want to be in Communications? (30 word minimum) Well i wanna become a dispatcher to take calls to the officers on duty in every Police/Sheriff Department out there i believe that this community needs some more dispatchers in the game so if like this app i would like it to be approved so then i can get ready for whatever is throwing at me. What does Dispatch do? (Go in detail) Dispatchers answer calls and communicate with mobile units to send the appropriate response. Dispatchers are used in the semi-truck shipping industry, taking orders for trucking companies and sending truckers to pick up and drop off materials. Will you be active in Dispatch? (at least 3 hour per month) Yes about 2-10 hours everyday at least Do you understand asking about an application will result in immediate denial? yes Do you have any problems following the Chain of Command? no Do you understand changing your Discord name may result in us not finding you therefore not being able to accept you? yes
  14. Application Template Discord Name (Ex: Teck#00321) Brody Austin#5068 In-Game Name: MadDawg.Jr Character Name (Must be in CAD): Jethro Gibbs Age 17 Why do you want to become a Parking Enforcement Officer? (2 sentence minimum) Well because since if no one else has apply for this role I decided to apply for a good reason. I wanna give all the players that park there cars in no parking zones school bus zones and loading zones. So please let me atleast give this a try please. What qualities/experience do you possess that distinguish you from other applicants? (2 sentence minimum) well i know how to do the job right the first time. And i know that i'm probably smarter then some people who knows. And sometimes i can be a show off even when i don't know what to do. How active can you be online as a civilian employee? 7 Days a weeks as many hours as i can be active online. Do you understand that you are applying for a civilian position and as such does not grant you any law enforcement/police authority Yes
  15. Your Discord (eg. ryanb9038#9501): Brody Austin#5068 How old are you? (Must be 14+ however you may be accepted if younger if your application is done well) 17 Why do you want to be in SAFD? (30 word minimum) Well i have been VAFD for a few days and i find it pretty good to be a Fire/EMS in the game and it seems like the SAFD needs some more members to there team and i want to be one of them so please let me be one of them. What does SAFD do? (Go in detail) Well they take calls to whatever they get either a building fire then the fire department will be there to take care of that and there will be a EMS on standby as well for any injures in that fire. And the EMS take calls that if there's been a Car crash or if someone is hurt in some way. Will you be active in SAFD? (at least 1 hour per week) Yes Do you understand asking about an application will result in immediate denial? Yes Do you have any problems following the Chain of Command? No Do you understand changing your Discord name may result in us not finding you therefore not being able to accept you? yes Do you want to be a Firefighter or an EMT? If i can i would be both but if not i'll be a Firefighter.
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