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  1. Flywheels Co. Application on Owning Mosley's Auto Shop & Dealership In Game Name / Discord Tag: Voltine#3880 Property Location Postal: 119 Type of Property: Commercial Description of Property [ie: Michael House] Mosley's Auto Shop and Dealership Name of In Game Character That Will Be Using The Property: Flywheels Garage Reason for use of property. (If marked as a specialty property, it will require further explanation on how it will be used) Mosley's Auto Shop will be used as a dealership to sell vehicles at, and repair peoples vehicles. It would make for good RP because many people who role play, don't really have much role play with Mechanic RP. I feel if we own Mosley's, we can give people more role play. It would also be used as a way to get people to interact with mechanic RP more. It would also be a change of RP, rather than the shooting happening almost every second. This dealership is also located in a central area, so it could get a lot of interaction and people role playing there. Flywheels is currently branching out to Los Santos and we feel like branching out to Los Santos is the best move for us financially, and in general. Mosley's has a lounge area, a bar area, a waiting room, bathroom, and a socialization area where customers can get coffee, interact with workers, and watch TV while their car is being repaired, or is being ordered. Flywheels already is a certified dealership, but they sell vehicles on their website, and ship vehicles to the person directly, or to Flywheels and they can pick it up. They also occasionally sell vehicles as a showroom. Flywheels also sells tires and other car parts so they can expand their reach from BC to LS and sell their merchandise, increasing their sales. Flywheels members and employees currently have experience selling vehicles, and Mosley's could expand that to more role play and customer interaction since it is a big and real dealership, not over the website. It also has added realism since it has a lift to check vehicles, change oil, and change tires. Mosley's also has a bar area where employees can just relax after a long day, and it has multiple personal offices where employees can bring customers to sign paperwork, and finalize the deal for the vehicles. Flywheels is a big company and if they do acquire this property, they would use it and they are currently in revamping, so this property would be ideal for the usage of Flywheels. There is also a meeting area where employees can congregate and talk about new business ideas in a more organized fashion. Flywheels is currently only a company that operates in BC. Flywheels can operate in the city and the country during "Statewide" AOP. This can improve their monetary gain. This whole roleplay scenario for Mosley's, what it contains, and where it is located can overall improve everybody's role play scenarios and how they interact with people. Thank you for reading this application.
  2. In Game Name / Discord Tag: 262 | F-26 | Voltine Voltine#3880 Property Location Postal: 501 Type of Property: Residential Description of Property [ie: Michael House] Eclipse Towers Apartment Apartment 3. Name of In Game Character That Will Be Using the Property: Morgan Spurlock Reason for use of property.(If marked as a specialty property, it will require further explanation on how it will be used) This property is a house that I found while looking for houses. I think that this would be an ideal house for me because it is on the hills, it is big and it is overlooking the mountains. This house would be used as a house for parties, it would be a house used as a house for keeping my cars, and it would be used as a house for fixing up my cars in my free time. This house will also be utilized as a house for me to stay at while I’m filming documentaries. [changed my mind on the property]
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