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  1. Your Discord tag (eg. M.E.S ItzGeneral#4061) Alex.#7055 Your in-game name: Alex Rank in your current department: Sergeant Why do you want to join Air One Support Unit? (25 word minimum) I want to be able to support Ground officers with hard and stressful scenarios such as, kidnappings, 10-80s, missing person etc. It'd be a honor to help everyone and make their job easier to do. That way we can provide safety and security to all civilians in san andreas. What does Air Support Unit do? (25 word minimum) They help ground officers with scenes that are generally hard to keep up with and assist them with keeping callouts and using their rapid speed to keep up with suspects, they can also help transport other officers to different places such as hospitals and police stations when you're in the middle of nowhere. They are a very important unit. Define safety precautions in aviation (30 word minimum) There's multiple safety precautions such as calling it out to RTO to make sure everyone keeps track with the current status, not keeping track with fuel, not paying attention when flying, flying at a dangerous height, etc. Safety precautions are something that's a requirement to keep up with and if not it could end up really bad for the unit. Would you rather provide aviation support to ground officers, search & rescue, or both? I'd prefer assist to ground officers but I could take both if needed really.
  2. Your Discord tag (eg. kolt#0382): Alex.#7055 Why do you want to join the FAA? I'd like to join the FAA so I could have the maximum experience of life, I'd be a great opportunity to learn how to fly and learn how to live life in a different way. I love the feeling of the wind blowing toward you and the feeling of soaring through the air like a bird. (25 word minimum) What flight experience do you possess? I've played GTA 5 since 2015 and all of that time I've been flying. I would always break into the military base to steal the jet just to be able to fly. Do you have a controller? Yes, but I usually use mouse and keyboard since im used to flying with it. You do understand that FAA is a whitelisted position in the server? Yes or no, Yes.
  3. Application Template In Game Name / Discord Tag: 7L-353 | Alex / Alex.#7055 Property Location Postal: 539 Type of Property: Commercial Description of Property [ie: Michael House] Ponsonbys clothing store. Name of In Game Character That Will Be Using the Property: Alex Baba Reason for use of property.(If marked as a specialty property, it will require further explanation on how it will be used) It will be used for sales of fine and expensive clothing. It will sell expensive clothing finely made by hand. Clothes finely inspected by professionals to make them the best quality. They will sell stuff such as Suits, shoes, glasses, earrings, etc. It will help people find the expensive style and maybe motivate them a bit on the style!
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