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  1. Your Discord tag:BiltemaKörv#2827 (eg. M.E.S ItzGeneral#4061) Your name: hampus gustavson (First L.) Your age: 14 (Must be 14 or older) Are you currently apart of any other whitelisted departments of any server? no You do understand that if you are caught dual clanning at any time you will be removed? ya How long have you played on NameLess Roleplay?: mabye 3 moths (Minimum of 2 weeks) Do you have a working microphone? ya Your Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199036842416/ Have you been in any other RP servers? If so which ones? yes alot (Please list your the server, RANK and how long you were there) idk How did you find about the server? my friend told me Country/Region/State sweden EU linköping (LIKE THIS: USA/NA-W) Tell us about yourself i am color blind and i like turtles (Your response needs to have a minimum of 45 words) Describe yourself in three different word: Computer nerd check Why do you want to join the BCSO? i want to help the contery and save the streets (Your response needs to have a minimum of 45 words) What does the BCSO do? they are frendly and i like them (Your response needs minimum of two sentences 20 words each and as detailed as possible) Do you have any real-world police experience? Also please include military experience. no Do you understand when submitting a application for BCSO (NLRP) that if you mention or talk about it, it can result in an immediate denial? ya
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