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  1. Your Discord tag (eg. Robin Bowie#1542): brandonrouse#2357 Your age: 15 How long have you been on NLRP? Around 5 months Any previous experience in the LEO/Security? and if so where? (eg. roleplay, IRL, etc.) I used to do alot of security role plays on an old server and i am trying to transfer to BCSO from lspd at this moment of time. What is the main goal of Panther Security Services? (25 word minimum) The main goals of Panther Security Services is to protect Business that hire them all around San Andreas to help the Business to try and not get someone to break in to steal food or money How active will you be? As active as I can be Why do you want to join us? (35 word minimum) I would like to join Panther Security Services Because I feel I could help out and save quite a lot of business companies and help them not needing to buy extra food and or drinks for their shelfs if they get robbed or take a loan from the bank Do you have a working microphone? Yes What is your time zone? My timezone is GMT
  2. Your Discord tag (eg. Robin Bowie#1542): brandonrouse#6969 Your age:15 How long have you been on NLRP? Around 4 months i believe Any previous experience in the LEO/Security? and if so where? (eg. roleplay, IRL, etc.) Yes i have previous experience as i am an leo officer for lspd and pbpd i am part of clucking security i also am security for route 68 What is the main goal of Panther Security Services? The main goal of panther security is for them to protect the contractors Property. Another main gaol is for panther security to help protect the worker on the contractors building or buildings. (25 word minimum) How active will you be? I will be as active as needed Why do you want to join us? I would like to join panther security for multiple reasons. My first reason is i feel i have good enough experience to be able to join panther. Another reason is i enjoy rping as security and i think i would fit in. (35 word minimum) Do you have a working microphone? Yes What is your time zone? EU
  3. Your Discord tag (eg. M.E.S ItzGeneral#4061)brandonrouse#6969 Your in-game name:10L-229 Rank in your current department:officer (used to be tfc) Why do you want to join Air One Support Unit?i would like to join soar as i believe I am good at flying and i would like to help as air support and i find flying fun exciting. (25 word minimum) What does Air Support Unit do? air one support helps the cops on the ground by catching up to vehicles and locking on to their vehicle and catches their plate and directs the ground units to their vehicle. (25 word minimum) Define safety precautions in aviation Aviation safety means the state of an aviation system or organization in which risks associated with aviation activities, related to, or in direct support of the operation of aircraft, are reduced and controlled to an acceptable level. (30 word minimum) Would you rather provide aviation support to ground officers, search & rescue, or both? Both
  4. Your Discord (eg. ryanb9038#9501):brandonrouse824#2964 How old are you?15 (Must be 14+ however you may be accepted if younger if your application is done well) Why do you want to be in SAFD? (30 word minimum) i would like to join san andreas fire department because i feel i have enough experience to join safd on the paramedic side as i have want to be a paramedic on the front line and i feel this will boost my knowledge. What does SAFD do? (Go in detail) San Andreas Fire Department help the police if someone is shot or some one has been stabbed SAFD also respond to 911 of people who have been in a car crash been stabbed or even shot the fire gepartment respond to fires and help out in car crashes if some one needs the jaws of life or a saw to cut the roof or door off. Will you be active in SAFD? (at least 1 hour per week) i will be active at least 1 hour a week Do you understand asking about an application will result in immediate denial?yup Do you have any problems following the Chain of Command?nope Do you understand changing your Discord name may result in us not finding you therefore not being able to accept you?yup Do you want to be a Firefighter or an EMT? EMT
  5. this is gonna be protected by yakuza so chose mine or Ryker Janops
  6. In Game Name / Discord Tag: brandonrouse824#2964 Property Location Postal: 712 (LS-402) Type of Property: residential Description of Property [ie: Michael House] villa style mansion Name of In Game Character That Will Be Using the Property: Jay Clan, Jake Mcfukin, Dennis Ruck, Yannik Miller, Tommy Robinson (may change at any time) Reason for use of property.(If marked as a specialty property, it will require further explanation on how it will be used) The reason of use of this property is so the yakuza (a gang) can have a hideout in ls incase things go south in paleto this property will also be used to store the gangs weapons ammunition drugs and money.
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