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  1. Hello we can not locate your Ban, you should be able to join the server now or next restart and if you can't contact Ashton B in our discord server
  2. Ban has been denied. due to mentioning Ban appeal in DM's
  3. In Game Name / Discord Tag: 7D-65 I cloudz / vcloudzzv#0122 Property Location Postal: 2006 Property Listing Code: G-5 Type of Property: Commercial Description of Property [ie: Michael House] LTD gas station Name of In Game Character That Will Be Using the Property: billy bob Reason for use of property.(If marked as a specialty property, it will require further explanation on how it will be used) I will use to try and get a new RP experience as me running the LTD and maybe meet some new people and just have fun running the store
  4. Your Discord tag (eg. Robin Bowie#1542) vcloudzzv#0122 Your age: 15 How long have you been on NLRP? maybe like 3-4 months Any previous experience in the LEO/Security? and if so where? (eg. roleplay, IRL, etc.) I have experience as LEO on this server and other What is the main goal of Panther Security Services? (25 word minimum) I guess the main goal of panther security is that they make sure no one is doing anything they are not supposed to like stealing or destroying things inside or out side the building How active will you be? maybe 1-2 a week Why do you want to join us? (35 word minimum) I would like to join because I haven't really done security but I think me getting involved in this will make RP very different and very fun for me and others Do you have a working microphone? yes What is your time zone? AU
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