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  1. Your Discord tag (eg. M.E.S ItzGeneral#4061) ETskatez#6305 Your in-game name: ETskatez Rank in your current department: Senior Deputy Why do you want to join Air One Support Unit? (25 word minimum) Well i would like to become more familiar with different divisions and positions in the LEO community. With this said, Air One seems like a really fun position when a priority is in need of it. Plus lately not many people are able to activate Air One during Priorities which is kind of a bummer cause suspects end up getting away and never getting caught. What does Air Support Unit do? (25 word minimum) Air One Provides air coverage for units on the ground during 10-80's and other priorities. In addition to that they can also radar speeds of different vehicles and get plate locks on vehicles fleeing a scene. They can do regular patrol throughout the city to provide better coverage and an extra eye for other units to spot out crime. Define safety precautions in aviation (30 word minimum) I know that you can not fly the helicopter too low cause you can hit trees or power lines which would not be good obviously. Air one is not to be going up during heavy rain and thunderstorms. Also you need to have all the necessary equipment (flare, medbag, etc) with in Air One during patrol along with a full tank. Would you rather provide aviation support to ground officers, search & rescue, or both? Both
  2. Your Discord (eg. ryanb9038#9501): ETskatez#6305 How old are you? (Must be 14+ however you may be accepted if younger if your application is done well) 22 Why do you want to be in SAFD? (30 word minimum) Well I am a lifeguard irl and deal with a lot of medical issues to an extent so doing this would help me apply my medical skills in the server. Plus i know a lot of firefighter irl so i have picked up a lot of knowledge from them and their stories. What does SAFD do? (Go in detail) They respond to any medical 911 calls and other 911 calls for Leo if it requires medical afterwards. They respond to car crashes and make sure to remove the victim as safely as possible. Also they respond to gsw victims along with really any victim in need of medical attention. They use their training to determine what type of injuries or problems one might have and determine what type of medical attention is need and what kind of medication can be used to help. Then, they transport them to the nearest hospital for further medical attention. SAFD takes and oath to protect lives and not take lives. Will you be active in SAFD? (at least 1 hour per week) I can be active at least 1 hour a night Do you understand asking about an application will result in immediate denial? Yes. Do you have any problems following the Chain of Command? Nope. Do you understand changing your Discord name may result in us not finding you therefore not being able to accept you? Yes. Do you want to be a Firefighter or an EMT? Both if possible but if not then EMT thank you -ETskatez
  3. Your Discord tag (eg. kolt#0382): ETskatez#6305 Why do you want to join the FAA? (25 word minimum) Well it gives me more opportunity to conduct different type of role plays besides robberies and car chases plus i intend to apply for S.O.A.R. in the near future (which i know FAA is not needed to apply for soar) so i want to gain some experience in the air before applying to S.O.A.R. In addition flying just seems enjoyable and gives me a chance to give air tours eventually to civilians. What flight experience do you possess? besides in normal GTA online, none Do you have a controller? yes You do understand that FAA is a whitelisted position in the server? Yes or no yes
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