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  1. First you harass our members and we are pathetic nice one. Second to say something about someones dead mother isnt very staff like if i were to talk about your mom and she was dead what would you think huh. Third invasion of privacy is a very illegal crime and you went way beyond that so next time you wanna call us pathetic think of your own actions first.
  2. Kolt my discord tag is Michael J.#1911
  3. Your in-game name: Damion Switzerland Your Steam profile link: 7D-67 | Michael J. Your ban date: 6/28/2020 Person you were banned by: |GL| Cheif Ban reason: Shooting on pcd Who was involved? Nobody I didn’t shoot words anyone or at anyone What happened So I was selling stolen cars in an arena where there were gang members. So this one dude came up to me and tried to buy a stolen bike. He didn’t have the money so he tried to steal it he got away but I shot the tire out. Then the gang members attacked me so I killed them. So then I was gonna bring out more cars so what I did is I took my at and I made sure it had a suppressor on it so it wasn’t loud and nobody heard it and what I did is I shot these like wooden things out so I can place a car or two there. And that’s where I got banned for 3 days. I think I should have been warned to stop or have been kicked before banned. Was your ban legitimate? Yes and No If your ban was legitimate, why should your appeal be considered and how will you improve yourself if your ban legitimate. It could have been in some ways I mean yes I did shoot on pcd but it shouldn’t have been a ban straight away I was minding my own business not even harming anyone. And I wish I was talked to or kicked before I was banned. This is the only server I ever played and still do and I just don’t want to be banned without being talked to because I have seen people kicked for killing like 10 people at once but they weren’t banned and I got banned for 3 days for shooting not twords or at someone. I was being peaceful and minding my own business. But now that I have taken a day i have learned not to shoot when I’m not supposed to and I’m gonna wait for pcd to get off before I do anything of that sort. Insert additional comments or evidence here if necessary
  4. These are the Application Requirements you must fulfill in order to have you application accepted Use of proper grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling can affect the determination of your application. Your Discord tag (eg. kolt#0382): Michael J.#1911 Why do you want to join the FAA? (25 word minimum) I want to join FAA because I think it would give me a better rp experience and I would be able to do a lot more scenes with a helicopter or plane and maybe I could save some people or host a flight and things like that. In my opinion it would just be fun to be able to do a lot more things. What flight experience do you possess? A little but not that much. Do you have a controller? yes You do understand that FAA is a whitelisted position in the server? Yes or no yes
  5. Requirements 2 Weeks in the NLRP Community 13 Years of age or older Not in another gang Discord Tag (e.g JOKER#7156) Michael J.#1911 Name (In-Game and Name within the NLRP Discord) Damion Switzerland and 7D-67 Michael J. in discord Age (Minimum 13 years of age) 15 How Long have you been in NLRP (Minimum 2 weeks in the community) about a month Why do you want to join Ghosts (Minimum of 25 words) I want to join ghosts because I have heard so incredible things about what they do. I also want to join ghosts because I heard they were cop killers and I would like to get some cops off my back with a little help. Cops are not on my good side because they killed my brother when we were coming into the city because he had a gun on him so I got away and need some assistance. What do you have that other applicants do not? (Minimum of 25 words) I have a lot of things other applicants do not have. 1: I have been working on my criminal record for a long time and I think it is pretty decent for not being in this gang. 2: I have access to many cars and many people that could get us out of a sticky situation. 3: I have a lot of fire power that can handle some people or other gangs. Do you understand that gang RP won’t be constantly violent? yes How active will you be while in GHOST as active as you need me to be Are you in another whitelisted gang? No
  6. Your Discord tag: (eg. M.E.S ItzGeneral#4061) Mr.Gutters#1911 Your name: (First L.) Michael.C Your age: (Must be 14 or older) I am 15. Are you currently apart of any other whitelisted departments of any server? No. You do understand that if you are caught dual clanning at any time you will be removed? Yes. How long have you played on NameLess Roleplay?: (Minimum of 2 weeks) I have been in the server for almost a month now. Do you have a working microphone? Yes. Your Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198031512964/ Have you been in any other RP servers? If so which ones? (Please list your the server, RANK and how long you were there) I have only played on this server How did you find about the server? My friends told me about it when I got my pc. Country/Region/State (LIKE THIS: USA/NA-W) USA/EST/Michigan Tell us about yourself (Your response needs to have a minimum of 45 words) I would love to become a cop in the server because I have seen most of the cops do such an amazing job and I would like to be able to do what they do and be able to rp as a cop because I have always wanted to because I think it would be a new experience for people like me to see what the other lines of rp feel like such as a cop and some other things in the community. I think that this is a great opportunity for me to really have that feel of what roleplay is really like and what all my options are instead of just being a civilian and doing all the same scenes over again. Describe yourself in three different word: Fun, Serious, Talkative. Why do you want to join the BCSO? (Your response needs to have a minimum of 45 words) I want to join BCSO because like I said I want to be able to explore all my options and be able to see what I like more a cop or a civilian and not just have to do the same thing everyday. I want to be able to help people when they call 911 and not just be the one calling 911. I want to be able to save people and not just being saved. I really want to be able to have this opportunity because I have heard such great things about the cop rp experience and I want to be able to be apart of that. What does the BCSO do? (Your response needs minimum of two sentences 20 words each and as detailed as possible) BCSO isn't just cops who make sure that everyone is safe, they make sure nobody gets hurt in the process because if someone gets hurt while they are there it is on them when someone dies or gets hurt. BCSO does a lot of training for instance, every time I have been pulled over or have had interaction with someone from BCSO it has went smooth there was no problems and no FRP was involved, but from some other departments like PBPD sometimes it hasn't gone smooth because some of the cops didn't know what to do or they didn't know how to do something. Do you have any real-world police experience? Also please include military experience. No but like I said I have been on a volunteer fire department. Do you understand when submitting a application for BCSO (NLRP) that if you mention or talk about it, it can result in an immediate denial? Yes I understand.
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